Pro-street is a styling of high-performance, street-legal, track-ready custom automobiles, generally built to mimic a Pro Stock vehicle typically used on the track. The word Pro-street derived from the manufacturer’s advertising slogan: “Pro Stock means perfect.” In actuality, Pro Stock refers to a class of vehicle with similar specs to stock vehicles, with the added advantage of having a high performance, high durability, and the benefit of easily modifying body style, interior trim, and suspension setup. These types of automobiles have become very popular over the past few years. Most often, they’re considered a compromise between stock and sport vehicles.

Pro-street was developed for most model years during the 1980’s. Cars are often kept on the tail-enders of stock vehicles and are equipped with aftermarket performance parts, such as roll bars and spoilers. Pro-street automobiles should seem to be fit for the road more than the strip, while still remaining street legal and less gutted than a race car or bracket racer. For those wanting to own a faster version of the average family sedan, a Pro-street vehicle can give them the desired look without the excessive speed. Most restoration projects are focused on upgrading the bodywork, but some Pro-street vehicles may still retain their factory bumpers and front bumper.

One of the advantages of restoring a Pro-street automobile is that the parts are readily available. Most restoration projects concentrate on making the car more aggressive and practical. As a result, parts for this style of restoration are not expensive or difficult to find. Many styles of Pro-street cars are known to retain their original factory bumpers and front grilles, although the top has been changed with aftermarket replacements.

The Pro-street vehicles seen in movies and television shows are not always the most up-to-date and advance models. These cars often have stock exhausts and rear ends, and a more muscular body style. A number of companies specialize in Pro-street vehicle customization. A Pro-street restoration project includes replacing stock parts, modifying bumpers and other exterior components. These cars have a “funky” look about them, that many people enjoy.

The biggest advantage to this style of restoration is its affordability. Pro-street vehicles are a great source of parts, and there is rarely a shortage of suppliers. Pro-street vehicles can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a comparable model from other sources. For those wishing to keep their Pro-street vehicle a low profile, this option is very appealing. Most often these cars are also maintained by their own owners, keeping the expense of service and repair down to a minimum.

There are many variations of these styles of vehicle restoration. Some of the most popular include the “muscle car”, “street rod” and “muscle car restoration”. All of these are complete custom projects, featuring their own unique styles and designs.

Muscle car restoration is one of the most popular styles of Pro-street car restoration. These cars usually consist of a front bumper with large intakes, a rear bumper with tall fenders, and large tires. The body styles are typically lifted, and have lots of chrome components and chrome plated parts. These cars are often the favorites of many car enthusiasts, due to the simple and inexpensive restoration process involved.

Street rod styles are another great way to restore your Pro-street to its original “street” look. These cars often have large intakes and air vents and use factory bumpers and grills. Many of these cars feature modifications to the main body lines, using different colors and emblems. This is another style that is very popular among many car enthusiasts.